How to Use Templates to Eliminate Second Surveys

While ElevatorZip is built to increase repair sales, it also helps you reduce cost by eliminating multiple surveys.

Some repair leads need a second survey.  A mechanic sent a lead but forgot the dimensions, voltage, or height from the job.  Now you can use ElevatorZip to prevent this from happening.

Here’s how to use ElevatorZip’s Template feature to provide mechanic’s with survey instructions.

1. Navigate to Templates

On the lefthand navigation bar, click on “Templates” to reveal all of your project templates.

ElevatorZip Navigate to Templates

2. Select Your Template

Search for and click on the Template you want to modify.

ElevatorZip Click on the Project's Template

3. Modify The “Notes for Mechanic”

Add any survey instructions you want. Click “Save” when done.

ElevatorZip Edit Notes for Mechanic

That’s it! Now mechanics will see those survey instructions when they select that project.

ElevatorZip Mechanic Survey Instructions
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