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The Problem

Elevator Repair Sales Are Everywhere.
Most Are Never Proposed.

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Mechanics Close Sales

Increase Your Hit Rate

Mechanics see when Leads are proposed, and commission they'll earn if sold.

Elevator Mechanic's Lead Dashboard

Simplicity & Speed

Get More Repair Leads


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Survey Instructions

Reduce Survey Costs

Never survey jobs twice.

  • Mechanic Leads
  • Mechanic Lead 1
  • Mechanic Lead 2
  • Mechanic Lead 3
  • Mechanic Lead 4

Organized & Automated

Feed Your Sales Pipeline

Leads in one place. Automated communication to the field. Share images from water damage, vandalism, and surveys.

maximize sales

Watch Your Elevator Repair Sales Grow

Elevator Repair Templates

Ready Out of The Box

No Set-Up Process.

Hi elevator community!

After years in the industry, I realized repair sales are everywhere.  Thousands of dollars in repair sales are seen each week.  But customers almost never hear about them.  

Repair sales are lost.  Safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction decline. 

That’s why I built ElevatorZip.  An easy way to sell more repair.  


– Brad Hoersten, Founder and CEO of ElevatorZip

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