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Software for Elevator Companies to Maximize Repair Sales.

"Our Mechanics Love ElevatorZip,
it's so easy to use"

Doug Kai | General Manager

"Any elevator company not using ElevatorZip is missing out"

Don Champion Elevator
Don Gelestino | President
Champion Elevator

"ElevatorZip is the best investment I've made in a long time"

Jt Denham | Owner
Indy Elevator

The Problem

Elevator Repair Sales Are Everywhere.
Most Are Never Proposed.

Elevator Mechanic Searching for Repair Product

Easy Leads

Expand Your Sales Team to Mechanics

Mechanics send leads to the office in seconds.

Elevator Mechanic's Lead Dashboard

Manage Incentive

Get More Repair Leads

To drive more repair, Mechanics can easily track:

Elevator Mechanic's Lead Photo

Survey Instructions

Reduce Survey Costs

Never survey jobs twice.

  • Mechanic Leads
  • Mechanic Lead 1
  • Mechanic Lead 2
  • Mechanic Lead 3
  • Mechanic Lead 4

Feed Your Sales Pipeline

Convert Leads to Proposals In Seconds

Mechanic's leads are sent to the office and easily converted to proposals.

maximize sales

Watch Your Elevator Repair Sales Grow

Elevator Repair Templates

no set-up required

Simple software that just works

Hi elevator community!

I’m Brad, the founder and former elevator rep behind ElevatorZip.  

After years in the industry, I realized repair sales are everywhere but nothing happens.  Mechanics see thousands of dollars in repair sales each week, but they’re not proposed.  Customers never hear about safety and reliability improvements. 

That’s why I built ElevatorZip.  To create a simple way for Elevator Companies to increase repair sales. 

– Brad Hoersten

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