Elevator Estimates, Simplified: ElevatorZip Spreadsheet Integration

How much time do you spend creating elevator estimates?  You have to survey the elevator, take notes, head back to your computer, then run an estimate on a spreadsheet.  This takes time.  Why can’t you build estimates during the survey?

Now you can.  

With ElevatorZip, you can build estimates and proposals right from your cell phone.  With Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel integrations, ElevatorZip will automatically fill out your spreadsheet.  

If you’re comfortable using spreadsheets, but wished you could build them quicker (and from your phone), then ElevatorZip’s spreadsheet integration is perfect for you. 

Spreadsheet Integration

Elevator Zip integrates with both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.  Whether you’re on the job site, in a meeting, or on your couch – ElevatorZip lets you run estimates from your phone as if you were changing data in excel. 

Calculate, change inputs, and recalculate to get your price.  When you’re ready to create a proposal the spreadsheet is automatically populated and stored within ElevatorZip.  

It’s easy to build elevator estimates and proposals with ElevatorZip.

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