Easily Identify and Propose KONE MRL Obsolete Drives

KONE Spares has a drive upgrade which is a direct replacement for the obsolete V3F16L elevator drive. The new drive improves ride quality through closed-loop technology. The upgrade is easy to identify and propose.

Why Your Customer Should Get A Proposal:

A proposal will help customers plan, budget, and reduce the time the elevator is out of service.

A drive failure could leave the elevator out of service for weeks while contracts are finalized, parts are ordered, and labor is scheduled. Plus, the customer can’t plan for the cost without a proposal from you.

With a proposal, the elevator outage is scheduled and would only last a few days. The customer can also budget for the upgrades.

How to Identify Obsolete MRL Drives:

Check the prints or the drive itself. If you see a “V3F16L” then it’s obsolete.

How To Propose Quickly:

You can easily contact KONE Spares for survey information, or you can use ElevatorZip to survey and propose with a few clicks.

ElevatorZip and KONE Spares teamed up to make it faster and easier to propose this drive! In ElevatorZip, Mechanics just need to search for “KONE” to submit the lead. It takes less than 2 minutes to both survey and create a proposal. Check out the video below.

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