17 Elevator Products. What’s Best For COVID-19?

Here’s a list of 17 elevator products to help with COVID-19. Buildings are searching for long term elevator solutions. What do you recommend?

Which elevator product will you propose? After you read below, you’re invited to this 2 question survey.

Much like the Disney style ticket system for the elevators at Salesforce, buildings are using expensive and temporary solutions.  Cleaning fees, long lines, and tenant fears are costly to buildings. 

Permanent COVID-19 upgrades are on the rise and elevators are the priority. 

Let’s start with the list of products, then discuss solutions for elevator companies to meet market demand.

Here’s the full list:

17 Elevator Products for COVID-19

1. Air Purification

With a claim to 99% bacteria killing rate, companies like Kleemann offer Air Purification systems for the elevator interior. 

2. Cab Interior UV-C Light

Experts still consider an elevator UV-C light a short term solution.  They β€œadvocate the widespread use of UV-C light as a short-term, easily deployable, and affordable way to limit virus spread in the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.”

3. Convert Existing Elevator Buttons to Touchless

Elevator companies are converting existing buttons to touchless.  The existing button is removed and a proximity surface replaces the button’s plastic surface.  At roughly $205 per button, this is a low-cost alternative for touchless.

By moving your finger roughly one inch from the button, the elevator is activated.

4. Destination Dispatch

If already installed, Destination Dispatch is a perfect solution to go touch-free and limit the number of passengers in an elevator.

5. Face Recognition

Elevator companies are installing facial recognition software in the elevator. Some products claim to work with masks and regulate access based on the temperature of the user.

6. Elevator Foot Pedals

A foot pedal is installed to act as another version of the elevator button.

7. Floor Decals

Stickers on elevator floors are already popular.

8. Hand Gesture

Since masks can be a problem with face and voice recognition, a small team is working on a “hand gesture-based contactless entry” system. Hold up three fingers instead of pushing the 3rd-floor button. Use your hands to signal the elevator.

9. Holographic Car Operating Panel

Another touchless elevator option, holographic technology replaces standard buttons. Use your fingers on a holographic image instead of a button.

10. Elevator Phone App

Use a phone application to communicate with the elevator.  Press a button on your phone instead of the elevator. The application is specific to each elevator type.

11. QR Code Scan With Phone

Instead of downloading a different app for each elevator, this option uses a bar code. Scan the barcode next to the elevator button, which brings you to a web app for the elevator.

12. A Secondary Touch-Free Car Operating Panel

Another touchless option, a second elevator car operating panel is installed inside the elevator cab. 

13. Thermal Elevator Cameras

Thermal cameras to detect infected passengers are offered by major elevator manufacturers.

14. Self Cleaning Elevator Button Covers

Mineral Nanocrystal-based coating activated by light might help kill Coronavirus.

A $50 NanoSeptic elevator button cover turns into a continuously self-cleaning surface. Powered by light, NanoSeptic surfaces use mineral nano-crystals which create an oxidation reaction.

15. Touchless Foot Button

Different than the foot pedal, this completely touchless option uses a sensor to detect your foot.

16. Voice Activated Elevator Buttons

Simply use your voice to tell the elevator what to do. 

17. Text Your Elevator via WhatsApp

Send your elevator a WhatsApp message. Let the elevator know where you’ll be picked up and dropped off.

How Elevator Companies Keep Up With Demand

As buildings prepare, they need options and pricing from elevator companies quickly. For elevator companies, preparing estimates and sending proposals to each building can be a challenge.

Until now.

With ElevatorZip’s instant elevator estimation and proposal software, elevator companies can meet market demand in two key ways.

1. Estimate and Propose Elevator Repair in Seconds

Here’s a video of a sales rep creating an estimate and proposal for a cab interior, air purification, and UV-C lights – from a cell phone in less than 60 seconds. This version of ElevatorZip offers full control over cost, margin, and final price.

2. Expand Your Sales Team to All Mechanics

Mechanics use the same software on a different version. Instead of controlling margin and price, this version uses default settings to finalize the proposal. This Field Version allows mechanics to build a proposal in a simple 2 step process, so they can focus on critical tasks (like elevator reliability) – instead of worrying about margin and price. With control over delivery settings, Field proposals can be sent directly to the customer or to the office first.

Elevators are a popular topic right now. How will your elevator company handle it? Comment below.

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